Garrett : 4CD Showmans Engine
Build : 1913
Number : 31193
Weight : 8500 kg

At 1 May 1913, this machine was delivered as steamtractor to Frank Mann from Cardiff, for long distance transport. The selling-price at that moment was 500 pounds.

In 1937, the tractor came in the hands of the Montgomery County Counsil. They sold the machine in 1942 to Corfields Contractors in Montgomershire.

From 1955 till 1964 the machine was found on the scrap hope and finally got saved by L.J. Lambe, who rebuilds it to Showmans Engine. He sold the machine in 1969 to Henry Fry from Yeovil who gave it the name Henrietta. Then the machine came a few years in hands of his son Allen Fry, who finally sold it in 1987. After that the machine changed in a short time from owner to owner. Finally the machine came in Dutch hands and, after 2 years restoring, got baptised under the name Hendrina.